Youth Talent

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Skills Training

For Skills Training through Lower Shore Workforce Alliance (LSWA) you MUST BE WIOA CERTIFIED FIRST! (see WIOA Certification)

1. You can receive training in only one occupational skill area (one time training).
2. Training length cannot exceed two years.
3. Please see approved training courses list. Ask about anything that is not listed.
4. This does not include correspondence courses.
5. The cost of the training cannot exceed $8900.
6. There is a three year window of opportunity.


POAC was developed by the DLLR Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning in partnership with the Maryland Local Workforce Investment Boards and the Workforce Investment Areas. The Center was established to meet the needs of professional, executive, technical and managerial dislocated/displaced workers. The services are designed to provide these individuals with outplacement services similar to those received by senior management through private outplacement firms.

Services Available

Professional Staff
JumpStart Orientation – a two-day workshop for getting organized for the challenges of finding and securing work in the 21st Century
Aptitude and Interest Assessment Assistance
Résumé Writing Assistance by Certified Professional Résumé Writers
De-mystifying the Federal Job Application Process by Certified Trainers
Interview Training
Access to Proprietary Job Search Software (EmployOn)
Computer Resource Lab
Workshops/Seminars on Developing Income Streams
Peer Training & Counseling
Individualized Career Counseling
Telephone/Work Stations
Networking and Occupational Affinity Groups
Electronic E-mail Job & Career Management Announcement Services
Free Faxing and Copying Service for Job Search Activities

For more information and to find out how you can benefit from POAC’s services, contact them at:

7161 Columbia Gateway Drive, Suite D, Columbia, Maryland 21046
Phone: 410-290-2600
Fax: 410-312-0834